Dubrovnik, Croatia

Woke at 5am to get the free shuttle from the hotel to the airport to take the short flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

When we arrived in Dubrovnik, we took a shuttle from the airport to the Old City gate of Pile (pronounced “pee-le”), which was very easy to find, and only cost $7 each. Our AirBnB host said he could set us up with a taxi for 35 Euros!

The weather was perfect, the town sweet and beautiful and small. Our AirBnB was right inside the Pile Gate on an alley right off the main street.

We dropped our stuff and went to eat lunch. We came upon a very busy restaurant (Gradska Kavana Arsenal) facing the main square and looked at the menu, the maitre’d said they also had seating in the back on the water, so we checked it out. When he said on the water, he meant it! We sat at a table facing the port where the sailboats come in and had a lovely meal of squid (for me) and lamb (for Dave). [I’m now writing this after the trip and this was in the top 2 best meals we had on the entire trip!]

Calamari Dalmatian style After lunch we walked around to get our bearings – the Old Town is small enough to walk end to end in an hour or so, the streets are pedestrian only and made of limestone and super shiny. In the later afternoon, we took the cable car up to the top of Mt.Srđ. Very cool to be able to see the layout of the Old Town with the walls and towers, just like it looks in Game of Thrones 😃 We went back down to the Old Town and went to Fort Lovrijenac, a fortress just outside the city walls, and then to the Franciscan Church and Monastery. For dinner we had a simple dinner of goat cheese and smoked fish in a small square in Old Town. There is a famous spot to see the sunset from – it’s a bar called Busa Bar, which means “hole in the wall” (buža means “hole”). IMG_4777

At the end of the day, we had walked 7.1 miles.

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