Cuba – Day 7

As I mentioned in  my last post, Trinidad is a beautiful, old town that was the highlight for me of the trip. Cobblestone streets, homes painted bright or pastel colors, friendly people, artisans, musicians, and even some things to buy.

We left the group for the day and wandered around Trinidad. We found a wifi park, walked to the Plaza Mayor, bought some shirts, bought some art (which was rolled into a cardboard tube for us), and generally had a relaxing morning.

At 3PM we met the group for salsa lessons. They were very basic, but fun. Here’s a photo of Jim and Allen dancing:

Jim and Allen dancing

After lessons, we got on the bus to go to a sunset picnic on the beach. We picked up a 4 piece band and some food and drove about 30 minutes out to a secluded area with a tiny beach.


At one point, Tony begged Dave to play something on the guitar, so he grabbed it and played some covers. We had a sweet “picnic” with spaghetti, beans/rice, squash, and some very strong drinks called Canchanchara – rum, honey, and soda water.

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