Cuba – Day 3

This morning we had to pack up and go back to Casa Luis to meet the rest of our group and get on the road to Viñales. First we had a walking tour of Habana Vieja, which was nice, but we had already seen most of it on our own. We went back to the book market, the wooden road, and Cathedral Plaza. This was the more tourist-ified area, less gritty, but also less “real.”


After the walking tour, we started what would be about a 2 hour drive. Getting out of the city, the thing that struck me as most eerie was the complete lack of cars on the highway. For 2 hours, the road looked like this:


You would see the occasional old American car, or bus, horse-drawn carriage, bicycle, or hitchhiker. But there was never traffic, per se. There were also no houses or small towns near the highway. What there was though, was: sugar cane, goats, cows, some banana farms, and sometimes “billboards.”

I became completely fascinated by the billboards, called “carteras.” Instead of the ads we’re used to, these all have socialist, nationalist, or communist sayings on them. I transcribed all the ones I found and I have translations for some, but I’ll need my mom’s help for the rest. Here’s the complete list, with photos.

Once we arrived in Viñales, we checked in to our Casa Particular, Casa Maricela. It was time to get laundry done, so we gave it to her and headed off to dinner with the group at an organic farm. This dinner stood out at absolutely the best food we had the entire trip: real vegetables! fish! corn! and of course, beans and rice.

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