Amsterdam – part 3

Today we walked across town to go to the Oudekerk (old church), but on arriving found that it was closed until Thursday. So we moved on to other things…yummy lunch at a little bar/cafe called Cafe Steven across from a beautiful place called Anthoniespoort, the gate to medieval Amsterdam from 1488!


It was quite cold, so we wanted to do indoor things like going to the Portuguese Jewish Synagogue (which was interesting but not amazing) and then to the Van Gogh Museum. For dinner, we finally ate at an Indonesian restaurant…I had been craving it ever since we saw our first Indonesian restaurant here. The Gado Gado was not as amazing as it is from a roadside grandma, but that’s to be expected. đŸ™‚

After dinner, we navigated the light rail back to our neighborhood and went for a schvitz at a gorgeous sauna place called Sauna Deco. It was once an Art Deco Parisian department store and all the original decor is still there – brass railings, blue tile, stained glass. We got good and hot and went back out in the cold to walk home, and of course it didn’t feel cold anymore, and we felt relaxed and sleepy. Tomorrow we go to Belgium!

(Photo from Yelp)

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