Amsterdam – part 1

We finally rescheduled the rescheduled rescheduled trip and this time, the destination was Amsterdam.

We arrived on Saturday after a long and nearly sleepless flight (rare for me, I can usually sleep anywhere). The place we’re staying is Dave’s step-sister’s husband’s friend’s flat, which is a beautiful little apartment in a trendy area of town, walkable to everything.

Due to my continued lack of tiredness, we slept a little and then I ventured out in the morning to buy us phone SIMs. Success! We got a way of talking/texting to each other and data to map our way around. Then Dave woke up and we wandered around together getting the lay of the land.


Because I’m writing this a little after the fact, Saturday night was a blur…we drank a bit, walked a lot, and generally explored everywhere. Dave is a big fan of buildings that look like they’re going to fall down at any moment, like this one.


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