Honeymoon in Greece

The last post mentions that Dave proposed to me on the Eiffel Tower. Well, we got married and then went on our honeymoon in Greece.

We started in Athens, this was the view from our hotel room:


We only stayed in Athens for a day and night because it was SO HOT (August). But we did go to the Acropolis and ate some good Greek food.

After Athens, on the recommendation of our TaskRabbit, we took a ferry to Crete. Dave quickly fell in love with the town of Chania. It’s a little town on a bay with a lighthouse, here’s the main drag:


We used this town as our launch spot to drive around and explore the rest of Crete. The little towns were so friendly and the food was fabulous!

In all, we spent a week in Crete and could easily have spent another. But it was time to continue on – next up, Santorini!


Santorini was relaxing, beautiful, and full of CHURCHES!


We drove all around, and offroaded, and hiked to churches! There were so many, I almost started to get sick of them… almost 🙂

Io is the part of Santorini most well-known, mostly for its sunsets. We spent an evening there for the requisite sunset and decided that it was just as beautiful, if not more, in the little town we were staying in (Imerovigli).


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