The Netherlands

After London, we went to The Netherlands where Jonathan would be working for a week in the town of Groningen.

Groningen is a little university town and it was cold and snowy when we got there. The canals were frozen over and there was a dusting of snow on the ground. On the canals were houseboats that looked like they couldn’t move if they wanted to, it’s like a little neighborhood on the water.

I spent the days looking for jobs online, using my cell phone (with local SIM) to do phone interviews, and walking around in the afternoon once the snow melted. I found fun things like the FEBO (Dutch fast food, automat style):

And went to the mall and found where Peeps come from:

We went to come fantastic restaurants on the quest for good vegetarian food. We went to the Restaurant de Zevende Hemel (7th Heaven) and I had lunch at Eetcafe Roezemoes (yummy egg salad sandwich).

After a week of the cold and job hunting, we went to Amsterdam for the weekend for some fun!

I hadn’t been to Amsterdam since around 2000, but I remembered things like the crooked buildings held up by the neighboring homes:

Since we only had a couple days in Amsterdam, I looked up some things to find. I had read about the Homomonument and we made it a goal to find it. Turns out it was a dock which was made into a monument against gay oppression:

Another thing I wanted to find was the poezenboot (cat boat), which is a cat shelter on a boat. The cats mostly roamed free on the inside of the boat and they solicited people to adopt them.

We also went to the Red Light District, which was less scary than I remember. The only thing I really wanted to find was the place where Jim and I stayed when we were there in 2000. It was a haberdasher’s house where they rented out the top 2 rooms to boarders. I found it by memory! And they had hats in the window still!

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