North Carolina

Wen I got home from Thailand, I went to my parents’ house in North Carolina. Actually, I got there in time to help them move from the little apartment my mom had been staying in (while my dad finished his semester teaching in Florida) to the house they would live in together. Cary, NC is a beautiful town with a giant park, lots of trees, and it’s very close to places like Durham and Chapel Hill.

Besides the moving and the reverse culture shock, we didn’t do much. I bought groceries and cooked dinner every night and spent a lot of time watching movies and jogging. The reverse culture shock was an interesting thing to experience, especially since my parents have a business training businesspeople in expatriation and repatriation. I had a lot of anxiety and general worry about my life back in SF as well as the usual breakup stuff.

Once I was back on my feet, I booked my flight back to SF where I would stay with my friends Kevin and Diamond before moving in with my friend Jody.

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