Tennessee and Pittsburgh

I went to visit my father, Pete, where he lived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Galinburg and Pigeon Forge are strange: it’s a mixture of very religious, hick, and carnival. For example:

We mostly spent time in Pete’s house hanging out and eating. It was snowing out and the ski resort next to his place was covered in snow.

After a couple days, we decided to drive up to Pittsburgh to visit the rest of the family, who I hadn’t seen in about 12 years. We drove in Pete’s El Camino:

Getting to Pittsburgh, I stayed the night with my grandmother in her apartment and in the morning, we went to my aunt Anita’s house. I got to meet her 12 year old daughter Li’an for the first time and reconnected with my cousins Debbie and Sandy. The next day, my aunt Emily came over and we spent the day playing Wii and catching up. My grandmother used to bowl competitively and she kicked so much butt at Wii bowling:

In the end, I was so happy to have gotten back in touch with everyone and I left hoping I’d come back soon.

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