North Sulawesi

Staying at 4 Fish and learning to dive at Thalassa were among the best days we’ve had in Indonesia. Our classes for PADI Open Water Diver were private and we got to go in the water on the first day. Our instructor, Fransman, was patient and knowledgeable, and included were lunches, towels, and good quality equipment. We both passed, of course.

Bunaken island is a national park well known for its sea life and reefs. We saw some amazing fish  like blue starfish [photo whenever we have a decent internet connection], a giant clam, schools of electric blue fish and black fish, and many more we don’t know the names for.

Our 5 days there were relaxing, even with the studying and pool exercises. Our 5th day couldn’t be diving because you’re not supposed to fly less than 18 hours after diving, so we went on one of the tours offered by 4 Fish. It was called the Spice Tour, to take us to see some spices and lots of food growing in the hills. It wasn’t the most exciting thing, but we had a nice day of sightseeing. We did get to see a light blue sulferous lake, and growing: cloves, green onions, chilis, cacao, durian, bananas, [the fruit they make alcohol from], cabbage, carrots, and of course RICE.

Probably the most interesting thing we saw was lots of roosters tied by the foot in people’s yards. They are cockfighting birds – one of them was imported from the Phillipines, as its proud owner told us.

The next morning at 5AM, we headed to the airport to fly to Makassar in the south in order to visit Tana Toraja.

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