Work and the Tramper

I’ve been working at the hostel now for 2 weeks. It’s definitely one of the easier jobs I’ve had (with scooping ice cream at age 15 being the easiest). Most of the time I either sit and read a book, play on the Internet, or watch a movie; then at 9PM start giving back key deposits for people checking out early, and at 9:30 clean the kitchen. Now that I have all the basics down, I can be really nice to everyone – I love it when people walk away smiling or saying how much they appreciate the help.

There’s an international film festival going on here and I’ve seen 2 movies, both amazing in different ways. The first was Synecdoche, a film directed by Charlie Kaufman. Knowing what a weird guy he is (Adaptation, Being John Malkovich), you can imagine that him directing a movie is going to be over the top. It was incredible! I felt like I wanted to leave and see it over and over simultaneously. The second movie was Boy A, a movie about a boy thrown in prison as a 10-year-old (or so) and gets out at 23. I heard that it was based on a true story, but I haven’t found out for sure yet – definitely an amazing, moving film. Next I think I’ll see Youth Without Youth, a Coppola film about a guy (Tim Roth) who starts to age backward after getting hit by lightning.  

Jacob called yesterday and he’s on his next leg: St. Arnaud to Havelock. I sent him an 8KG box of food and maps for this section. After Havelock, he starts the Queen Charlotte Track, which is one of the easiest and most beautiful tracks in NZ. Great way for him to end his journey. I’ll be taking a couple days off and meeting him in Ship Cove, at the end.

I’ve started making plans for leaving NZ. It looks like we’ll go to Australia for the month of May and some of June. Then in the 2nd week of June, I’ll go visit my mom in Korea where she’ll be for a business trip (and Jacob will probably scuba dive or surf in Oz). I’ll either return to Australia or meet Jacob in Indonesia where we’ll hopefully see Tracey! Then, we go to Thailand where we’ll meet up with Kristin and Derick. Yay!

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