Hostel Life Part 1

My first day of hostel work was on Friday night. It was pretty straightforward, with lots of checklists and notes about each “tricky” thing. I was trained by a girl named Dani who I’m taking over for when she leaves for traveling tomorrow. It’s stuff like checking people in, cleaning and closing the kitchen, and taking the trash out.

Regarding hostel life: Being an only child, learning how to live not only in a room with 3 other people, but in a “house” with 30 people AND sleeping in the top bunk has been a bit challenging.

My first decision was to always sleep with earplugs in. Always. My second sanity-saving device was to put things back where they belong every time. The third was to be a little less vocal. What I mean by less vocal is to state my opinions less, listen more, and also talk a little quieter (most people think I’m Canadian when they first meet me because of this 🙂 ).

So the cast of characters here could (and should) be in a novel…last night what happened was: I got home at around 11:30 from being out with Sarah at a gay bar called S&M’s. I get in and they’re all on the back porch completely pissed (drunk) and singing along with a guitarist to “Hallelujia”. The girls tell me about how one of the Irish guys called one of the British guys “square”. He even drew a square with his fingers! Everyone laughed but the British guy was really offended and went off to bed and hasn’t been seen all morning (it’s now 11AM). I don’t know what to say because it’s so goofy. “Square”?? What is this, 1950?

I just renamed this post to “Hostel Life Part 1” as I’m sure there will be many parts since I’m here for a month AND working here.

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