Random Cultural Things #2

More random cultural things:

  • Men working on construction crews, farms, etc. wear shorts with construction boots. It makes even the guy with one tooth wielding a shovel look hot with his tanned, muscled legs showing.
  • Kiwis are really trusting, they aren’t jaded quite yet. Example 1: Jacob wanted to pick up a package addressed to me (this is very against the rules). It took a while, but he eventually convinced them that if he opened it and his passport wasn’t inside, then he wasn’t who he said he was. Example 2: I got a bank account with nothing but a passport and an address. No proof of residence at that address or anything else.  (I needed the bank account to get something official sent to me so I could get a library card, which has much stricter rules.)
  • In the office, Kiwis take lots of breaks. They tend to work for about 2 hours then take a tea break, then 2 hours, then lunch break, 2 more hours til tea again, then leave right at 5.
  • Because of the lack of tipping, dining can be a bit of a hassle. If you get your meal and don’t immediately notice something is wrong or missing, you may never find a waitstaff person again – and definitely not the one who brought you your food. Double this in an Asian restaurant.
  • When watching a movie at the movie theater (cinema), people wait until the credits have completely finished and the lights have come on before leaving their seats. Those after-credit specials (Ferris Bueller saying “go home”) must be for the Kiwis…
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