Life in Wellington

I was in Wellington for a week staying at the Cambridge Hotel, then the Moana Lodge in Plimmerton (nearby) for a week, now I’m back in town. This time I’m staying at the Rosemere, the same place Blair and Suzanne and I stayed when we were here last month. It has a real homey feeling and the travelers are all pretty nice and respectful. When I first checked in I asked about work for accommodation opportunities and they were hiring! I start on Friday working 3 days a week, 5-10PM just checking people in and other receptionist duties. I’ve met the other staff people and they’re all really down to earth – Aidan is in charge of daytimes, Amanda and Dani both work evenings.

Jacob came in to town a couple days ago, originally intending to fly to Australia for a week with his dad and spend time with me before his last month on the trail. We’ve spent some time figuring things out and it looks like he’s not going to Australia and will go back on the trail for his last 24 days tomorrow and when he’s done, we’ll go to Australia together.

I’m doing ad hoc volunteering at the SPCA where I’m in the clinic working with cats and random small furries like rabbits and rodents. None of the people there are particularly outgoing with me, but it’s still nice to be helping out and keeping busy. And tomorrow I have an interview for some volunteer work with National Network of Stopping Violence. They are looking for someone to do regular updates to their website, so I might be able to help them for a month while I’m here.

Besides keeping busy, I’ve also made a couple friends: Sarah and Kate. Sarah I met at the Moana Lodge and she and I have spent a few days together where we just talk and talk. She’s looking for work as a teacher here and in the meantime doing as-needed subbing. Kate I met on the ferry when I went to Picton. I went to dinner at her house with her and her 4 (sometimes 5) housemates in anarea that reminds me a lot of Bernal in SF – way up high on the hills with amazing views of the bay.

As for Wellington, I’ve found a live music venue called Mighty Mighty that has cool NZ bands regularly – Jacob and I went to see a band called Mamaku Project and I saw a small band last week (forgot the name).

While I’m sad Jacob is leaving again so soon, we’ve had a great weekend together and I’m happy he’s going back on the trail to finish up. Maybe it’s time I trade in my NZ book for an Australian one!

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2 Responses to Life in Wellington

  1. kevinbyall says:

    miss u guys

  2. dirty40 says:

    Hey, I figured out how to log in!

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