It’s been 4 days now that I’ve been in Coromandel and I can pretty easily say I’m recharged.

I arrived Thursday and spent all day Thursday and Friday sitting around the amazingly beautiful and serene house. There’s Sky TV, wireless internet, a spa, a river, plenty of food, and comfy beds – what else could anyone possibly want? Email, laundry, and online tasks are done, many conversations have been had, and the town and several sights have been seen.

Saturday morning, Suzanne got here and she joined in on the relax-fest.

I went for a run and got a little overheated, so I decided to try out the river in the backyard. I slowly eased myself into the cold, clear water and just as I was about to go in to my waist I looked down and saw an EEL!! Between my legs!!! I couldn’t help myself and I screamed and scampered out of the river, Suzanne came running to see if I was drowning and all I could say was “An eel!” “Where?” she asks, and I yelled “Between my legs!” Needless to say, I haven’t gone in since.

Then Saturday evening we picked up Blair from the bus stop and got dinner fixin’s. We got back to the house, cooked, and surprised Blair with the birthday cake we’d made on Friday night (it was her birthday while she was on the Routeburn Track)!

Sunday, the sun was out and we finally got to see some Coromandel sights. We went to a place called Waterworks, a water park with some great grownup playground rides, including a giant hamster wheel and a flying fox that was about 100 feet long. We also went to Driving Creek Railroad – a narrow-gauge railroad and trains. Their grounds also have potters and glass blowers in residence, so as you’re riding on the trains you see little pieces of art around every corner.

Sunday night our task was to clean out the refrigerator so we had an amazing conglomeration of leftovers (including leftover chocolate cake!). A hot tub soak before bed and we’re out!

This morning, we dropped Blair by the side of the road to hitch to Thames where she can get a bus into Auckland. She wanted to do some shopping and pick up a bag she left at a hostel (on purpose), then she and Suzanne will meet up at the airport to go home (home! 😦  ). Margot and I are going into the city to have dinner tonight and I’m catching an overnight bus to Wellington where I’ll be staying for a few weeks. I have an interview for some volunteer work there on Wednesday.

Originally, I told them I’d have 3 months to volunteer for them, but Jacob called last night to say he’s only going to hike the south island, so he’ll be done closer to the beginning of April instead of June. I’m happy that we’ll be together sooner (and moving on to Australia), but hoping that he still feels fulfilled with his plans.

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