Yesterday I spent the day in Dunedin again. It was raining, so I went for a little walk to see the First Church of Otago and to the grocery store. I haven’t had any problem with loneliness until I got back to the hostel and everyone was in groups according to their nationalities. The Spaniards speaking Spanish, the Israelies speaking Hebrew, and a myriad of others. I probably could have jumped in but the language barrier would have been a challenge. I haven’t run into ANY other Americans traveling, only Americans who live here. And unfortunately, all the Canadians I’ve met have been obnoxious.

I settled in to watch a movie on the very large TV in the hostel and nobody was watching, so I chose Serenity (it’s sci-fi and the final movie for a one-series tv show, so the chances of somebody knowing it are pretty low). A guy came over and asked “is that Serenity?”. Be still my beating heart! We ended up watching the movie together and chatting up a storm. Finally it was around 10PM and I really wanted to go out, so I proposed we meet Caylee at Fever, the bar where he DJs.

Jake (!), the guy, turned out to be an amazingly cool Australian. We had great conversations over free drinks at Fever. We made fun of a hen party (bachelorette) and generally goofed off. At the end we exchanged numbers and emails with the promise that Jacob and I would go visit when we are in Australia. Yay!

So I just arrived in Queenstown on the Stray bus. The ride over was pretty uneventful except that the girl sitting in the next seat over from me (Bex, I think we bonded over having Xes in our names 🙂 was really sweet and we chatted a bunch at the breaks.

Queenstown is absolutely breathtaking and the hostel where I’m staying is beyond gorgeous. The views are straight over the water with the mountains in the background. Wow. I’ll post photos tomorrow.

Tonight I’m off to visit Bex in the bar where the “kids” are all going. Then I’ll have to hike baack up the hill…tomorrow I’m hoping to go horseback riding!

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