Dunedin – Scotland in NZ

The Stray bus dropped us in Dunedin and most people spent just the day here but I decided to stay 3 nights. I’m glad I did! It’s a cool town, I’m in an awesome hostel, and I made a friend.

Town: Dunedin means Edinburgh in Gaelic. The town was founded by Scots as its surroundings are similar to Scotland.  The center of town is a hexagon…it’s cool but a little hard to navigate. Most things are close enough to walk, but there’s also a great bus system, so tomorrow I’m going to St. Clare beach for the day. I went around to the cathedral, the museum, and the train station.

Hostel: Maybe it’s a sign of my getting older, but the idea of staying in a dorm room sounds really unappealing to me. I’ve been researching hostels as I go along and booking either singles or doubles. Everyone’s been giving me great deals, but this one is the best. I have a huge bed in a room all to myself, with a TV, for $24 per night (that’s $12!). There’s definitely a young crowd here, but so far they’re all pretty quiet and nice. This morning a hit young guywas walking down the hall in only a towel…I could get used to this. 🙂

Friend: Last night our bus driver organized a drink-up with folks from our bus – I got there a little early and met the owner of the bar and his best friend, Caylee. Caylee and I got along really well and spent several hours chatting about life and NZ. Anyway, he offered to take me around today and I said ok, so he picked me up from the Otago Museum and took me to Baldwin St and Signal Hill. It’s amazing to me how nice people here are.

The food here has been quite yummy, but eating alone kinda bites. Luckily I’m reading a really good book, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Morrell. I’ve also been having really really bad allergies and sneezing a TON (maybe from the exhaust?), so I got some medicine I’m going to try tomorrow.

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