Stewart Island

We spent all day yesterday in Invercargill, which is actually a feat since the town doesn’t have that much to offer. One thing it does have though is The World’s Fastest Indian!! The motorcycle that Burt Munro broke all the speed records with is on display at the hardware store in town. It was quite cool,  look at the photos I took on Flickr.

This morning Jacob and I said goodbye with a promise to meet in about 2 weeks in Queenstown. I joined up with the Stray bus at 10:30 and spent a long time talking to the driver, a cute blonde woman named “Cougar”. The bus was bigger than I thought, but the crew is pretty nice. I’ve decided to stay an extra night or more in Dunedin once we get there. Sounds like a cool town and they have a market on Friday.

We drove to Bluff and then took a ferry to Stewart Island. Once we got here I decided to forego any tours or scooter rentals and just go for a hike. I took an 8km trail called the Ryan’s Creek Track. The birds here are absolutely amazing! One of them sounded like a bamboo flute or an electronic keyboard set to flute. When it flies it sounds like a remote-control helicopter! There’s also a bird that looks like a giant parrot and another that has a big fan tail. The one with the big fan tail I think liked my white hat and fluttered around me very very close. At the very end I looked up to one of the flute birds and there was a 2 foot tall bird in the tree posing for me. It was blue and looked kinda like a hawk.

When I was done I came back to the hostel (really really nice one called Bunkers) and took a shower and got on the laptop to take advantage of the FREE WI-FI! Chatted with Kristin for a while and uploaded photos, all while listening to the myriad of languages people are speaking here (Dutch, German, Japanese, Canadian English, if you can call that English). Someone showed up with a glass of wine for me and invited me to the pub for tonight. Mmmm. Fish n chips 🙂

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3 Responses to Stewart Island

  1. Jody Catlow says:

    Amazing photos darlin. I’m seeing more of you and Jacob than ever before : ) Glad you’re enjoying your journey.


  2. Jannypan says:

    > One thing it does have though is The World’s Fastest Indian!! The >motorcycle that Burt Munro broke all the speed records with is on display at the hardware store in town

    I watched the movie on the flight home.

    I’m glad you decided to buy the computer.

    Try to get to Oamaru to see the penguins (but go just before dusk, if possible). At noon, there were no penguins.

  3. roxanew says:

    Was so great seeing you here!

    Funny, the blog entry about Invercargill (in which I mention seeing the Indian) was the one that my iphone ate. The photos of it are in my Flickr photostream.

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