Meltdown/buying a computer

We had dinner last night on Ponsonby Rd in Auckland with Michelle Burke, her boyfriend Dave, Margot, and Jannypan. So nice to see everyone here! We spent a part of the day today shopping and eating/hanging with Michelle, Dave and Jannypan. Janny left to go to the airport and Dave and Michelle are off to Waiheke Island to stay with some burners there (apparently they have the KiwiBurn man in their back yard!).

Today I had a bit of a meltdown when my iPhone lost a long blog entry which took forever to type in on the iPhone AND the iPhone can’t choose the “scan” option on my mail. I had been feeling technologically disabled (and a little PMSed). Dave had bought a mini laptop for their trip and was going to sell it when he returned to the States, so I bought it from him. Already, having a keyboard and a place to book flights and hostels I feel way more flexible. Technology for the win.

In other news, Jacob has decided to walk the Te Araroa trail from south to north, so we’re flying in to Queenstown/Invercargill tomorrow. He spent the day yesterday with the guy who wrote the Te Araroa book, and 2 guys who have walked the entire trail, including the guy currently mapping it. He got tons of great info and maps from them. I’m probably going to hike the beginning 10k with him on Jan 13. I bought a bus pass for myself so I’ll be on the backpacker bus Stray from Jan 14 until Blair arrives on Feb 9.

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3 Responses to Meltdown/buying a computer

  1. laggleton says:

    Consider an EeePC?

    Hope you’re well, your Mum gave me your blog details! I’m very jealous, NZ’s on my (very long) list of places to visit. You seem to be about a year ahead of me in the travel stakes!

    Given the impressive research you’ve put into kit, how did you determine your route? Or do you just have a vague itinerary and planning to play things by ear?

  2. roxanew says:

    Hi Lawrence! I got a “Wind”, which is similar to the EEE, but since I bought it used it was cheap.

    I don’t really have a route 🙂 Jacob is tramping this trail which is the length of both islands, so I came with him to the southernmost point, at which he’s going to start walkingt and I’m getting on a backpacker bus. Then a good friend of mine is coming and I’ll know where we should go based on where I’ve been and want to see again and what we can miss.

    If you have a holiday and want to come, I’d love to do some travelling with you! Email me.


  3. Dale Larson says:

    Hopefully you got that U100 in “Pinky Love” to make up for it not being a Mac.

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