The trip has begun!

After our first flight was canceled, then reinstated, then delayed, we made it to LA in just enough time for the Fiji flight. And the woman helping us gave us our visas to Australia for free! We traveled 11 hours, then 4 and made it here 2 days later.

We finally arrived in Auckland, New Zealand yesterday morning. Surely stinky and definitely tired,, we went off to explore our neighborhood, Ponsonby.

Our hostel is off the beaten path, but a block from the bus, right next to a small park, and 2 blocks from a drag of cafes and shops. We made our way to the water on a nice cycling/walking path and then charged on to downtown. We found the needle (similar to Toronto’s) and our first taste of Internet across the street at a cafe.

We internetted for an hour (that’s what you get with purchase) and then went back to the hostel.

This morning, we did some laundry, went to a cafe for breakfast (cafe Byzantine) and then took the bus across town where we walked through Albert Park. We found the ferry and bought a ticket to Waiheke Island for tomorrow. We’ll be going swimming and tramping (hiking) in Whakanewha (pronounced fuck-a-nee-fa) Regional Park.

Jacob spoke with a Dept of Conservation ranger about his trip. The ranger sufficiently scared me about the Te Araroa trail…

We are finishing yummy japanese lunch and then onto the outdoors store for Jacob’s extra gear.

Tomorrow we’re having drinkies with Margot and Jannypan in our neighborhood. Yay!

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