Misc Gear

Looking at gear.

-This day pack is so cool. Want to see it in person though. REI Zip Travel Day Pack
-A camera strap will be important. I’ve been looking for something that doesn’t say “CANON EOS DIGITAL” in blinking letters
-One of these PacSafe things or a cable combo lock seems like a good idea, am I just being paranoid?
-Gotta look at my old pack that I use for camping – would it work? Or do I need to start researching packs?
-While I try to pack light, I’m definitely bringing my ipod. Here’s a neat looking USB power adapter which is super small
-I kinda wish I hadn’t just bought a nearly identical belt (sans money pocket), well, it did hold my too-big pants up!

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One Response to Misc Gear

  1. Craig says:

    We’ve never used a packsafe and never had a problem. They’re so heavy I just can’t justify carrying one!

    Definitely have good combo locks for all your zip entries though. Make sure they have the TSA approved ones or people won’t let you fly with them.

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