Camera backup

Looking into methods of backing up photos.

Portable DVD burner
-Portable hard drive
-Mini laptop
-Internet cafes to burn CD/DVD

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2 Responses to Camera backup

  1. Craig says:

    We travel with a laptop and have our current year’s photos on there. We carry a usb-powered hard-drive (this one) for long-term backup/use on the road and also burn photos to DVD to post home every 2-3 months (when we have a DVD-full of photos). We also upload our best ones to flickr which is a great photo-sharing service.

    There must be a more-efficient way of being this paranoid though.

    And Gary’s courier company lost his backup DVD’s for several days, almost causing him to drop dead. Always have more than one backup: If you lose them, you don’t get them back.

  2. Roxane says:

    Thanks for the info, Craig!

    In all my travels, my most important take away has been my photos. It should be fine to just burn photos to DVD at cafes and when I have long downtime upload to Flickr.

    I take photos in high-res though, so Flickr might take too long to upload to.

    Carrying a laptop is the one thing I’m really torn by…already I’ll be carrying a somewhat expensive camera. Do you always travel with a laptop?

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