First thoughts and list

Moving this list to a permanent page…

We’re starting to get ready – thinking about things like what to pack and what to do ahead of time.

My list so far:

-traveler’s health insurance (check thorn tree forums)
-in December, have mail forwarded to Mom (can be forwarded for 1 year!) trying Earth Class Mail
put all bank statements on electronic-only
-passport/driver’s license/credit cards – scan and email to myself and parents
-when we get to thailand, get Mefloquine anti-malayrial (it’s a long way off, this is a personal reminder)
-start looking into packing lists

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5 Responses to First thoughts and list

  1. Craig says:

    Hi again,

    I’d recommend having a look at worldnomads travel insurance. It’s what we use.

    You could also check out earthclass mail. They scan your envelopes then — at your request — open and scan your mail; then you can ask them to shred or forward it.

    Anti-malarial is contested; check with your doctor, but I know many people who go without when in urban Asia. If you’re going into the forests or into Africa (where they have deadly strains) then I’d recommend it.

    Do you have an itinerary or wishlist or places to go and things to see? That’d be cool to see.

  2. jacobandroxane says:

    Thanks for the ideas! I signed up for Earth Class Mail for a 3 month trial.

  3. Craig says:

    Cool. Let me know what you think; they seem to be becoming more popular all the time.

  4. Veek says:

    I wonder about the wizdumb of -emailing- credit card scans. Maybe better to send them hardcopy or passworded on a CD, but via certified snailmail rather than electronically, if you can’t hand them off in person. While no method totally prevents risk of ID theft, I favor making things as difficult as possible for those pesky varmints.

  5. roxanew says:

    It’s a convenient way of having info online. I could just as easily have it on a webpage which is password-protected. It just needs to be easily accessible if I’m in a jam.

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